ExxonMobil & Greenpoint

Our commitment

ExxonMobil is committed to conducting a thorough recovery effort as quickly and safely as possible. As a longstanding community member, we will continue to seek ways to engage with our neighbors and invest in the future of Greenpoint.

ExxonMobil has deployed substantial resources and has made significant progress in meeting the goals for its remediation program in Greenpoint. ExxonMobil is committed to completing the cleanup while cooperating with local, state and federal officials.

The ExxonMobil team dedicated to this project includes a core group of engineers and geologists, staff specialists, and partner-consultants, supplemented by subcontractors providing support services. Our core of 48 project members is highly qualified and experienced, and the team has grown as needed to support project operations and expansion. The current core team averages more than 15 years of experience in remediation and project management.

ExxonMobil continually seeks ways to enhance the effectiveness of its remediation activities by:

  • Using the latest proven technologies
  • Maintaining optimal recovery rates throughout the entire system
  • Expanding the system to accelerate recovery as feasible
  • Testing alternative technologies when possible

Our goal is the same as the community’s – to remediate the petroleum contamination stemming from our historical operations in Greenpoint as quickly and safely as possible. The health, safety and welfare of those living and working in the Greenpoint community will continue to be ExxonMobil’s highest priority.

Complex recovery projects such as Greenpoint take time to complete. The size and location of the underground petroleum contamination, as well as geologic and hydro-geologic factors, are what determines the time necessary to complete any remediation project. Significant progress has been made and ExxonMobil will be in Greenpoint until the remediation is complete.

ExxonMobil and Greenpoint

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